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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Milestone for "A"

Today was a big day in our household! It was the first day of Pre School for Ava!

She requested mommy and daddy take her this morning. The excitement was building until she spotted the other kiddos crying, then she had her own moment. The tears quickly vanished though and she came home telling me how much fun she had. It's a good thing she did cause she's going back on Thursday! Hallelujah for much needed mommy time too!


  1. What a sweetie :). We have a two year old and are talking about preschool soon...but it honestly gives me anxiety just thinking about it. Ahh the harder parts of mommyhood ;). Hope she enjoys her day on Thursday, and you enjoy more mommy time!

  2. Aw how exciting for you guys. Your daughter is adorable :)