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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Going, Going, Gone

No, you are not dreaming! Yes, you read that correctly! This coveted Expedit series is being discontinued! Boo IKEA!! They announced the news yesterday and as you can imagine decorators, moms, and record collectors are all up in arms over this news! Apparently it's the perfect piece to store records! Who knew?!

I guess they are replacing these with a new rounded storage version that's more kid friendly! I will be the judge of that new style and see if I approve. 

So, for now, run, don't walk to IKEA and stock up on Expedit pieces. I think I might grab a few of the  top one! It's perfect for closet storage! 


  1. No way!!! Thank god I have one. Invaluable in a kids room I tell ya.

  2. This is awful! Thank you for letting us know.

  3. My oldest called me from Ikea Friday and told me! They were completely sold out. I hear the new versions sides are thinner, not sure that makes them as sturdy!

  4. I saw the news on FB, totally crazy!