Monday, September 15, 2014

Living Room Design

It's bittersweet that I post this living room design because it means that our dear friends have moved onward and upward! Upward, as in basically Canada! They've moved on to the land of ice and snow which is not common ground for Texans! 

 I am lucky enough to have designed a few spaces in the new house they are currently building and I know they will have a cozy and warm place to call their new home! This will be their new family room to make wonderful memories in with their precious kiddos! 

I can't wait to go visit them and see the room in person! My friend is so eager and already purchasing items off the design! Yeah, she's a dream client! 

I'll be sharing their breakfast area and master bedroom in the coming days so stay tuned! 

*Out of respect for paying clients I decline to share sources.*

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