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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Damaged Goods

Remember this table from Home Decorators I was planning on ordering for the gameroom?

Yep, it arrived! I carried each metal piece up our tall flight of stairs, then carried the top and bottom solid wood pieces that weighed a ton up the very tall flight of stairs, and stared in disbelief! DAMAGED! The same corner on the top and bottom pieces was basically ripped off. Good job UPS for damaging in transit! So, back downstairs it went and sat and sat and sat. Finally after several more phone calls UPS arrived to return it. 

now what you ask? I searched for a different option and found this:

I ordered this Safavieh table from Target knowing it could easily be returned if there were issues. And yes there were issues! DAMAGED...chunks of wood and missing paint in several areas. And, just fyi, the color description says cream online when in fact the table is dark gray! 

I really like the look so I ordered another one and a chair showed up instead! Are you kidding me? Now, I'm waiting for another table to arrive! Thankfully UPS promptly picked up the chair! We shall see if a table comes this time. 4th time is a charm right?! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh my!!! That is the worst!! I can't believe how much trouble you've had with this. You deserve a free coffee table at this point!!!