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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

4th of July Wreath

Our front porch was in desperate need of some patriotism, so I was not ashamed to reuse the same wreath that I whipped up at the ninth hour last year. I usually wrap the foam core in yarn, but this time my laziness set in and I used ribbon instead so it wouldn't take as long. I have to say that it saved me several hours by doing so and it came out just as great! 

We also used simple decor such as flags for our flower beds. You can't go wrong with showing your pride for the USA with an American flag. 

To make a similar wreath you will need the following materials:
A foam ring
                                                  Yarn or ribbon (I used grosgrain ribbon)
3 or 4 sheets of decorative paper
Hot glue gun

  • I started out by wrapping the ribbon around the ring and securing with hot glue. 
  • I continued this alternating colors and overlapping a tad bit so it would be tight and smooth. 
  • When I finished covering the ring I made paper rosettes using this tutorial. 
  • I secured them to the wreath with hot glue as well.
  • Hang your wreath with ribbon. 
I'm loving my new ribbon wreath and I  plan on using it for Labor Day, as well as memorial Day. 

Have you made a wreath lately or created something fun for summer? It's always neat to see new projects and ideas!


*Reposted from July 4th, 2012

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