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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation Recap

Last week we were in Sandestin enjoying the sun, surf, and sand! It was so beautiful there as always and the ocean is gorgeous in various shades of aqua. It's always a fun time with the family! 

Little miss loved swimming in the pool with daddy! 

Gammy's foot photo bombed this cute picture! 

She also loved playing in the sand and turning Poppy into a Bubble Guppy as she called it!

However, she was petrified of getting in the ocean! This is her look of fear! She said she wasn't going in the water because that's where the sharks, whales, and dolphins live! Glad we took her to Sea World last month! (insert sarcasm) 

Little Miss also loved all the boats in the harbor. She wanted Daddy to buy a boat like the one behind us in this picture! It's actually owned by a Nascar driver and was massive! 

I was shocked when Ava actually ventured near the water for family pictures! That was until a 7 foot shark swam by the shoreline and everyone started screaming! Guess, she was right about what lives in there! 

It was such a great trip even though she wouldn't swim in the ocean with mommy! Maybe next year! 

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