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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's a.....

As you know, our gender reveal party was on Friday night! You can see hubby's vote was a girl! Here's how the reveal went down! 

"What, there's pink balloons! Is this when I'm supposed to smile?"

I'm clearly still in shock! See, I was about 90% sure it was a boy! Ava and my hubby said it was a girl from the get go! And, they were right along with my nephew in the red shirt! "I told you," he said! 

"What's happening?" 

Hubby instantly collected his $100 from my dad for the bet they had. My dad was sure it would be a boy! He's got $100 less now! Thanks for the nursery money mom and dad! :) 

"Yep, I see the girl parts (3 lines). It's all making sense now!"

Girl Power! 
I'm joining the other girl moms!! 

 I'm so glad we chose to find out the gender of baby R with our friends and family. This awesome group of ladies made it one special evening! 

Even though I was quite shocked by the pink balloons, I'm quite thrilled now to be a girl mom! Ava is pretty stoked to have a sister too! We can't wait for princess "H" to join our family in early November! 

I'll share more pictures from the party tomorrow. Photographer Caroline took a ton of great photos for me and captured a lot of play by plays! :) 


  1. Congrats!!! I hope I can have daughters one day. I was so close with my mom and sister, it was a wonderful dynamic.


  2. Congrats!!! So much fun preparing for a new baby girl!


  3. Congratulations! I think a gender revealing party is such a fun idea!

  4. Aw a little girl! So cute. Congrats. I love this party it looks so fun. xo