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Friday, June 17, 2011

Closet Makeover

My closet was so plain and boring and seriously needed a girly touch. I knew my first task was paint! I chose Benjamin Moore's Pink Harmony after seeing it in Shelli's gorgeous office over at A La Mode. You can check it out here.

Painting my closet was not fun for many reasons just in case you read this and get inspired to paint yours. I had to haul out all 1000 of my shoes, purses, and the worst was the clothes. I piled it all up on the clean (of course) floor of my bedroom. It looked like a war zone, but thankfully the hubby was out of town. Perfect timing I might add.

I must say it turned out beautifully and just how I was hoping it would. The chandelier from IKEA also made a big difference. The plastic light that was in there before was just hideous. It reminded me of something you see in Furrs Cafeteria and hospitals. Gross! Who would want to get dressed in a room like that?

Gross generic light!

Ahhh.... pretty new chandelier! (IKEA $39.99)

Table from IKEA $7, Rug $12.99 at IKEA

Bowl from Marshalls $2.99

Jewelry bag and scarf holder from Container Store

Shoe racks from Container Store
You can see the true color of the pink in this picture. It's actually a very soft pink, but the color looks different because of the lighting. Too bad I can't make a window in my closet. Hum.....


  1. I love how you turned a boring old closet into a chic boutique one. If only so many other areas of my house didn't screem for attention.

  2. I want a walk in so bad - this is amazing! I love your style! I'm so excited for your guest post this week!

  3. I love the chandy! Gorgeous. The table, rug, bowl, AHH all of it is amazing! I wish I could leave cute little bottles out on a table:( My boys would break them in about 2 seconds. Someday, right?

  4. So cool! I just used that same chandelier in my clients home. Check it out here:


    I LOVE the chandelier and will be getting myself one! :)


  5. I recognize that chandelier! :) It looks much better than the other light. Nice job with your closet! Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration today!