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Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Do I Want?

I want....


A girl can dream, right? I am so in love with these kitchens and for some reason my wacky sweet husband does not like white cabinets! What is wrong with him? That's alright because I will get them in our next house when he goes out of town and I am left to make decisions without him! Shhh..... Don't tell him that though.

Do you prefer white cabinets or dark like my hubby?


  1. I love both- dark and white cabinets. It depends on the location and the lighting of the kitchen to decide which one. Right now my husband and I are in a war - he wan't to paint out cabinets white while I want to leave them the way they are. Who will win, I have no idea!

  2. My bet is on you!! I totally agree with your point about lighting! I think that's why I wish ours were white because we only have 2 windows in the breakfast area and dark hardwoods, so the whole space feels dark.

  3. Loved these photos of kitchens. I too loove to drool over pretty photos. thanks for commenting on my blog the other day:)


  4. Love your blog, Megan. You are going to have to help me set up our house when we finally get to Dallas.. I haven't seen one idea of yours that I don't like! About white cabinets.. they are what I hope to have, and yes, with the gray marble. I love bright and airy kitchens!

  5. Thanks Unicorn! I would love to help when you arrive in Dallas! Don't forget to become a follower and get the email updates.

  6. We are in the processing up building and we chose a java stained wood cabinet. All these white kitchens are making me seconds guess!!