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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Around My Home

Lately, I've been moving things around and restyling areas of my home since all the holiday decor is gone! I wanted a fresh look for 2014. Here's a peek into my favorite spaces! 

My nightstand got a new, mirrored jewelry box! I love the subtle color it adds!

I added a pop of leopard to my entryway. The Fiddle Leaf that was there needed more sunshine! 

My perfume and face products are now corralled in this acrylic tray from The Container Store.

When the new sofa came the tray on the coffee table got a fresh feel including a boxwood! You can never have too much greenery!

I'm kind of obsessed with this horse statue! I love pretty much anything from Three Hands! You'll notice the family pictures too. Those are our first family photos of 4! I smile every time I walk by this area. 

Do you often restyle spaces in your home? If you get bored with things, just shop your own home and create a whole new look by moving things around! 

1 comment:

  1. I'm a restyling fool. A friend came over the other day and said, "wait, you haven't changed anything and I haven't been here in two weeks." Love your updates!