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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updated Living Room

As promised, I'm here to share our updated living room with you. We purchased a new sofa that you can read about here, which then led to switching out other aspects of the room. You'll notice a new rug, as well as some styling changes. I'm so pleased with our sofa decision and how changing out one major piece brings new life and a new feel to the space! 

Yes, I still have my boxwood wreath up from the holiday season! I just can't part with it! Plus, the more greenery the better!

Thanks for checking out my cozy living room! 


  1. Looks fantastic. I too still have both my boxwood and magnolia wreaths up!!

  2. It looks so warm and friendly. And I think the sofa fits in perfectly. Lovely my friend!

  3. The couch is gorgeous! ...and don't worry, my boxwood was the only holiday decor that seemed to last :) Great minds!

  4. This is literally my dream living room! Looks amazing :)

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