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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mass Chaos

My house was mass chaos yesterday after the hubs left for work. I got a wild hair to destroy my upstairs and move everything around. The plan is to make the guest bedroom "A's" big girl room, her current room the guest bedroom, and the other guest bedroom/my office, would be just my much needed office. 
In order for all of this to work I had to clean out closets, and find new homes for the junk and Christmas decor.
After the cleaning, purging, and reorganizing I decided to take the bed apart in my office to make room for my new desk and the elliptical that came from the guest bedroom. Now, I can work out and watch tv at the same time. Big score for me even if the elliptical is somewhat of an eye sore. 

So, this is what my upstairs looked like yesterday amidst the chaos.

This is what the room looked like with the bed.

You can go here to see more of the before photos.

Matress and box springs gone to the hall.

My desk finally made it to the new space! Also, my awesome neighbor helped the hubs move the elliptical. Hubs and I tried to move it, but it was an epic fail and quite humorous!

I have a few things to move around and spray paint, so I'll show you more once those tasks are complete.

Then, on to "A's" big girl room! Wohoo and bohoo all at the same time! My baby is growing too fast!