Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Online Shopping Finds

Do you ever have those days where you feel like doing nothing except sitting in front of the computer browsing the web and seeing how fast you can deplete your account? I do! It's a dangerous thing that ol' world wide web. I don't really deplete my account because that would be kind of depressing, but it's fun to wish!
I made some great finds while browsing. And brace yourself, some are really great! You are going to want some of these things like I do. I wish the magic shopping fairy would just drop them off. 

        Lattice Dhurrie Rug     Mid-Century Nightstand     Pandan Bin              Jewelry Box

         Gumdrop Pendant             Ibiza Pillow             Bangle Sketch           Coffee Mug


        Kelly Green Flats              Perfect Shirt             Essie Polish           Toothpick Jean


  1. I'd love your magic shopping fairy to drop them by my house next!

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