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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap- Up

Oh my gosh! Where has this week gone? I've been so busy with projects that it has flown by! I hope to have a calmer weekend ahead of me. I'm pretty sure that Skinny Girl will come along to help me chilax.

Are you doing anything totally exciting? No big plans here.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pouf Greatness

Look what I purchased yesterday off of Joss & Main! I'm so pumped since I've been searching for one of these Moroccan poufs. Isn't she shiny and fabulous? I got a great deal too, as always on their site. If you haven't joined you must do so now!! Not doing so would be a huge disaster for years to come. You might as well add another home decor site to your list so you can watch your money fly out the window.

So where oh where do you think this lovely will go in my home? Here's some hints: white lacquer desk, Silver Sage paint on the walls. That's tricky huh? You could look at my home tour to figure it out. Or, if you've been reading my posts lately then this shouldn't be hard at all for my favorite followers!

Here are some rooms that incorporated poufy greatness!

PicsVia Pinterest

Via A La Mode

Via Pinterest


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Curtain Tutorial

If you haven't used this miracle worker before then listen up carefully. I used this product on 2 sets of curtains and I am one very happy customer. Why should I learn how to sew now when I can just use an iron to make curtains?! I had read many blog posts about diy curtains, but didn't know it was this easy! My assistant (aka mom) and I made her office and living room curtains and saved about $160 doing so.

You'll need at least one pack per panel. At least that's how much we used. Keep in mind you are hemming the sides, and top/bottom.

We ironed the fabric first to get the wrinkles out.

Determine where your fold will be, then iron to make a crease. Measure, measure, measure! Some fabrics have a natural line where the print starts like ours did, so it was easy to get the hem even. After you have your crease, unfold it, and lay down the Stitch Witchery. Fold the fabric over, lay a damp cloth on top of the fabric and hold on top for 10 seconds with a steam iron. Hopefully you will have a nice assistant like I did to help hold the Stitch Witchery in place so you can work in sections. Do not move the iron back and forth. Repeat the same process until all sides are hemmed. Thank your assistant!

Here's what the bottom hem looked like when we finished.

Voila! We hung them on clips and they look fabo! They puddle just a tad more than we wanted, but we got a big fat rejection when we asked the boss to raise the rod. Now we just need to make a pillow from this Waverly fabric we ordered to brighten up the chair.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Room Reveal

My parents recently moved to the Dallas area and asked me to decorate their new home. Of course, I was pumped that I had 3500+ square feet of blank space to work with. The ideas quickly came rushing into my head.

For their guest room they wanted a place that is welcoming and relaxing for guests. They had a black and brass bed frame that needed serious updating so we painted it Heirloom white as well as an aqua dresser that got a face lift in the same color.

The room is painted Pink Harmony by Benjamin Moore and the window is flanked with Oatmeal Peyton drapes from Pottery Barn. We made a statement over the bed with the driftwood mirror from West Elm. Linens, art, and accessories were all purchased on a budget from Home Goods and TJ Maxx. All the furniture was from their previous home.

They love the way it turned out even if my brother refuses to sleep in a pink room when he visits. At least I know I have a calming retreat if I choose to stay there!


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