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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On My Radar

Random items I know! There is actually a rime and reason though for each thing. The vase I'm envisioning in the guest bedroom when it gets a redo along with possibly the Robert Allen pillow and Premier fabric as a detail on the drapes.
The balloon art is adorable and would look great in the new big girl room design along with the pink tray. I'll take the navy tray if I can ever find it for my baubles. If you are an IKEA shopper and you come across these trays I will totally pay you to pick them up for me. Our IKEA is under renovation and has been out of them forever!! So annoying! So, next time you hit up IKEA think of me!


  1. I'd pay someone for those trays as well - as I don't have an IKEA close by. :(

  2. The only thing I don't like about your house is that I don't live in it! I love your style. I am your newest follower. Come check out my blog sometime. Amber