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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recent IKEA Greatness

Strandmon Wing Chair /Gray Ribba Frame

On a recent trip to IKEA I spotted some new items! At least they are new to me because I've been avoiding the crazy packed store for a while. What got me most excited was to see all the Ribba frames now in high gloss gray! Man does this save me time and money now from having to spray paint frames gray!

I also about died when I saw the wall clock in mint! Oh hello love!! I haven't purchased it yet, but it's definitely on my radar now!

Have you seen anything recently that caught your eye at IKEA? 


  1. i have been lusting after that chair in blue! i really want to make it my new desk chair at work but i dont know if it's a good height. i need to go look again. just thinking about going to ikea stresses me out.

  2. The closest IKEA to me is 2 hours away but I have plans to drive up there with some friends in a few weeks. The proportions of that chair are perfect for a couple different spots in my house but I'm not sure it's quite right as far as overall looks and color. I'd like to check it out in person but the IKEA website tells me the chair is not in stock at my "local" store. Maybe if it's a new item, it will be in stock by the time I get there. If not, I know there will be so many other items to catch my eye. My shopping list is already lengthy!