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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Bedroom Love

I'm trying to get my guest room in some sort of a relaxing state, but progress is slow. I did make great leaps when I got rid of all the old, matching furniture, but I still have a ways to go. The new upholstered bed does make a huge difference in there, but the walls are definitely lacking spark or interest. 

I spotted this guest room from Life on Virginia Street and loved how soothing and simple it is! I think I could use some simplicity in my life! The blue, green, and gray palette is what I'm leaning towards too. 

Mixing patterns and colors can add so much impact to a space! 

Thinking I might try my hand at an abstract piece of art for the room! There's 3 blank canvases in my closet collecting dust, so if I mess up there's a few spares! The colors remind me of the ocean! 

See what a difference paint can make! The room is so light and fresh now! 

She did such a great job transforming the room. One day my room will hopefully be calm and welcoming for guests. That's after I finish the nursery and cross that off my to do list! 


  1. The room looks lovely! What great inspiration. :)

  2. this room looks so light and airy! i love what they did with the wall behind the bed.