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Friday, December 13, 2013

My Holiday Home {The Entry}

Have you noticed that I'm a little late at posting my holiday home this year? No, that can't be because I have a newborn! 

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure I would even attempt trying to decorate for Christmas, but who am I kidding? I absolutely love the holiday season and my 3 year old is so excited for the Christmas! She had such a blast helping me pull out all the decor and especially hang ornaments on the tree! 

This year things are a bit simple and I used what was on hand instead of trying to totally recreate the wheel! There are a mix of metals and soft colors as well as some natural elements and lots of greenery! 

What I love most is definitely displaying all the cards we receive! It's so exciting to get new cards in the mail and see all the smiling faces of our friends and family! Since my display is small, I'm working on a new way to show them off. The ice however has put a damper on my spray painting. Just 1 more coat of gold and I'll show you the new display! 


  1. So pretty. I have yet to post pics! If it would quit raining long enough to do so, it might get done! LOL