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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Recap

I hope you had a fabulous and fun filled evening on Monday. We sure did! The witches and I took the kiddos trick or treating while the husbands manned the candy station. It was a blast to see the joy and laughter on the little ones faces!

Baby A was a ladybug without antennae. She was having no part of the head band and was only interested in the candy from the second we kicked off the festivities. The only pic I got of the 2 of us is her squirming away to get back to digging in the candy buckets. Such a little busy bee! Or lady bug I should say!

Plus, things were so hectic I forgot to write Baby A's name on her bucket after I sprayed it with chalk board paint. Thankfully it was dark an no one noticed. Next year!

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