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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Santa Visit That Was...

We hit the mall for our yearly Santa visit last week before everyone else in the world got the same idea too! Lets just say it was an epic event! 

As you can see, Ava simply adores Santa! Not!! She literally started screaming the second she saw Santa's village and didn't stop until she got a cookie afterwards! 

Maybe next year will be better, although I have to admit that I find this year's pic absolutely hilarious! 

The best part is the next morning Ava asked to go back and see Santa so she could smile pretty again for her picture! 

So thankful that's how things played out in her mind because I have a different take on the situation! 


  1. My oldest HATES seeing Santa too. She has never sat on his lap instead she just waves to him from across the room. lol.

  2. Sounds like my daughter too! She loves Santa, but the moment we talk about going to see him or even come near, she's pulling me in the opposite direction. Gotta love those epic photos ;-)