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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Target Love Lately

So Target has been totally killing it lately. Their Threshold line is simply fabulous and they are always adding new items.
I picked up this decorative item on my last trip. Now, I just need to take it out of the car and find a place in my home for it. The metal rolling around in the back of my car is quite annoying!
How about this brass hurricane? Have you seen them in your store? Of course they aren't carrying them at either store near me. Guess I'm going on a wild goose hunt!

What a great neutral throw pillow.


Also, absolutely dying to get my hands on this guy!

My store says it's in stock even though I didn't see them on Monday! Lets hope for a small miracle!
I might have ventured over to the clothing department last time I was in the store too! This super soft and cozy pullover looked so cute when I saw it on Instagram. I knew immediately my closet needed one.

These polka dot pants caught my eye too, but I ended up not purchasing them after debating. 

It's hard to tell in the picture but they're mint and white polka dot. Guess I have a thing for mint right now!
Are you a Target lover like myself? Is so, what has caught your eye recently?


  1. I agree, Target has been hitting homeruns for a while now in the decor and clothing areas. The threshold stuff has been really fun too.

  2. the brass hurricane and gold elephant are so cute! i need them!

  3. Great Target picks! I love Target....and I love these!!
    Cathy @ Lemon Tree Dwelling