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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A 3rd Birthday Bash

Happy Tuesday! Another week of summer is upon us. Before I know it, fall and the cool weather will be here as well as crazy schedules! 

As promised, I'm sharing pictures from Ava's 3rd birthday party with you. So, I'm just a tad bit late getting them up! She called it a beach ball party but I say it was more of an "Under the Sea" theme! This was the first year she recognized that it was her birthday and she was a year older. Now, everyday she tells me she's getting bigger! Love her little lingo!

Here's the birthday girl with a few of her favorite men, minus Daddy! That's Poppy (my dad) and Uncle B (my brother)! 

The idea of her party all started when I saw a similar cake on Pinterest. Ava loved the sunglasses so I was sold on the theme! A friend of a friend made her cake and it was more than I could've hoped for! It was seriously the best cake I've ever eaten. I put it up there with my wedding cake! 

As if cake wasn't enough, we had cupcakes too! Cute toppers are a must!

Snacks outdoors for all the littles running around! 

You can't have a beach ball party without sand pails and beach balls for the party guests. 

The piñata was a hit!! No pun intended! 

Overall, baby girl had a blast partying it up until she crashed out that evening! It was a day jam packed full of fun, friends, and family! We couldn't have asked for a better time!

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