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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guest Room Essentials

Do you have a cozy, dedicated space in your home for guests? Did you at least think it was a cozy place for people to stay over until you read this list of essentials? I'm pretty much failing miserably at ensuring our guest room is up to hotel standards. 

  • Lets see...I've got scented candles covered, but no matches in sight! 
  • Tissues, well they can open the door to the adjoining restroom and grab some of A's Dora tissues!
  • Alarm clock...there is a clock in there but the batteries are dead. Everyone has a clock on their phone anyways! 
  • Pen and paper...yep, plenty of paper and colored pens! Doodle away!
  • Good Reading Light...yep, matching bedside lamps! Check that one off!
  • Magazines...More decor magazines than anyone could ever hope for! 

Basically, if you come to my house to stay, the room looks put together. It's definitely no Ritz Carlton, but the bed is oh so comfortable! I'd say it's a pretty nice little room to stay in minus a few essentials I'm lacking! 

Are you up to par on your guest room essentials?


  1. I am soo lacking on my guest room essentials. But first, I've got to get a guest room. :)

  2. Great ideas. We don't have many out of town guests, but this would be a good list to keep on hand for those few times that we do.