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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stationery Love

Are you drooling yet? I'm obsessed with A)gold B)stationery and C) polka dots, so I think these are calling my name!! The best part is that these hit Target shelves a few days ago! Gotta love Sugar Paper products! 

I was even at Target yesterday but didn't have a chance to check out the new line because "A" was that kid at the store screaming and tossing the groceries out of the cart! Yep, it was fun! So, while she's at school today I'm headed back for a gander! 

Are you in need for some new stationery?! Run to Target! 


  1. Love! Did not know about Target...gotta make a trip soon (seriously there way too much already). I love stationery, own too much, but can never get enough! LOL

  2. OMG I need that calendar. Thanks for the heads up!!