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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby A is 14 Months

Baby A turned 14 months old a couple weeks ago. Yes, I know she is almost 15 months,so technically I'll call her 14 1/2 months old then. So much has happened in the last month. She started walking the night before she turned 14 month olds. We were outside and pushing her in her pink car when she started fussing to get out. I unbuckled her and she hopped out and took off walking. It was insane. Just like that! She hasn't stopped yet. She has many interests these days.

She's obsessed with watching tv including and not limited to Mickey Mouse Club. I can totally sing the whole hot dog song now in my sleep. Do you like how close she likes to sit? That can't be good on her eyes. Actually she was playing in the bedroom, came walking out to see Mickey had come on, then just plopped down.

Totally clueless that I was snapping her picture. Nothing gets in the way of her and the tv.

Loves tantalizing the dog! Doesn't she look stinkin' adorable in her pj pants?

Who doesn't love Cheetos? She might eat the whole bag if I let her?!

And...she's all about the boys already! Look at her flirting.

I think he might have a wee bit of a crush on her too. Nothing wrong with older men!

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