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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Draft 1:The To-Do List

Do you a million ideas swirling through your mind that need organizing? Boy do I thanks to way too many decor books, Pinterest, Decor Pad, Blogs, etc. Every time I blink I come up with another idea for my home. I had to stop and make a project list before I loose track and go bonkers.

Here's what I've come up with so far:
 1. Paint the hall bath Navy
2. Paint the laundry room (color to be decided) Greige?
3. Paint guest room a shade of blue. Maybe Silver Sage?
4. Paint the master bath. I'm asking myself, "Why did we not do it when we moved in?"
5. Paint console table in game room white
6. Paint chair white in guest room
7.  Rast night stands for guest room are put together. Now, paint them.
8. Find Hardware for night stands
9. Decide on new design plan for dining room.
10. Order fabric for guest room curtains.
11. Win the lottery so I can pay for all of this.

Notice I called this draft 1. Any good writer would make revisions and have multiple drafts. Being the great writer that I am, I'm giving myself leeway to add more projects. It's only inevitable, right?! So what I'm saying is look out for draft 2 to come shortly. Hopefully, I mark off a thing or 2 when that comes along. Also, if you have an overwhelming urge to be worked hard, then head my way. I've got plenty to keep you busy.

1 comment:

  1. My to-do list is always growing...but it's good to get it all down on "paper" - I also call them my brain dumps.