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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's here...

Not long ago I posted about the awesome bargain I got on Home Decorators. Well, it arrived in 3 heavy, Styrofoam (gross) filled boxes last week as the hubs was arriving home. Did I mention that I might have forgotten to inform him about this purchase? Um, yeah! He said, "What did you buy now?"

I told him it was just a teensy weensy piece of furniture for the empty space in the dining room. See, I had moved out the console table already to make room.Guess he thought I preferred an empty wall with 4 lonely mirrors.

Anyways, the hubs could have cared less, he just likes to give me a hard time. And, I'm so in love with my new sideboard. It's a million times better than the console table previously in its space that is now in the hallway. Yes, it's musical furniture at mi casa.

Not only is the storage space AMAZING, but it's more aesthetically pleasing too. The overall style fits better in this space.

Do you see anything in the pic that looks familiar and rhymes with say, Pepperoni, but with an M? Yeppers, it's Missoni. (candle & vase) I keep seeing random items pop up at my Target every time I go. Pretty awesome because I've picked up almost every item I wanted except the cup/saucer set. Still holding out hope!

Next up I think the candelabra might go from bronze to black. I'm not digging the current look. Just sayin'!


  1. The room looks great and I love your Missoni finds. If only Canada had Target.


  2. I love that you didn't tell your hubs. I never tell mine. It's easier to get forgiveness than permission (and they're always inexpensive).

  3. PS Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower.

  4. what a cool piece! thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a comment! we just moved out of dallas last year and are missing EVERYTHING about it, starting with the weather!

    stay in touch!!