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Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's All in the Details

You can see that I have changed things up in my dining room for the 100th tenth or so time. 

We started with this:

It has transformed to this:

And now I plan on finishing things off (for now) to incorporate these details:

Now, I haven't ordered the fabric just yet, because I want YOUR opinion. What should I do?

A: Keep the Cream Dupioni Drapes 
B: Make new drapes out of the Clarice Dove fabric to add pattern and color to the room

And just so you know, the candelabra is primed and ready for black lacquer! Goodbye bronze!


  1. I like the new changes! You have some great ideas.

  2. How about..... laquering the candelabra in black, and add the black drapes and a black lampshade for the green lamp?

  3. I say go for the Clarice Dove fabric- it would be beautiful with your wall color and chair upholstery! btw LOVE your new sideboard!!!

  4. I say go with the pattern Clarice Dove fabric. It will transform the room.

  5. My dining room drapes are made from the Clarice Dove fabric and I love them! Your dining room is looking great!