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Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeover Monday {Lola Inspired}

Did everyone have a good weekend? I surely did! Mom, Baby A, and I went to the local flea market on Saturday. You will not even believe what I found for $15! And I'm not telling you what it is until tomorrow. Just know that I saw this piece of fabulousness in the distance and went scrambling to grab it before anyone else saw it. I am over the moon pumped about this find and you will see why! 

Now on to one of the best man cave's I have seen with Katie from Lola Inspired. She is sassy and stylish so go follow her here

Hello lovely readers of Megan's fabulous blog, A Lived in Home! I'm Katie from Lola Inspired. When Megan sent me an email months ago asking if I would consider doing a guest blog post on one of the makeover projects I was considering tackling for her Makeover Mondays I was elated! And worried. I'm a wee bit of a procrastinator (probably understatement of the year) but I let the deadline of the blog post light a fire under my bum and I got to work!

Today I will be showing you the makeover of my husband's "man-cave". When Brandon and I bought our house over a year ago, I went a little crazy with the decor. Think pink. Lots and lots of pink. He, of course, never complained and even has grown to love it (I'm a lucky girl, what can I say?).  You can see what I mean on my blog under the "My Home" tab. 

So when it came to an extra room in the house that couldn't be used as a bedroom or really anything else for that matter, I decided to let him have it. And thus, our "man-cave" was born.


We were previously using the room as a random-objects storage facility so pardon the mess. 

I tried to find inspiration on the internet but most "man-caves" were rooms that looked like a NFL shop vomited in it (like this one)... and that was just not happening. So we went with good old-fashioned  industrial chic as our inspiration. 


So there you have it! The newest addition to our home... Brandon's Man Cave!

Thanks so much!!!!


  1. Well, it looks pretty good for being a man´s cave. I would let my caveman do something like that.

  2. Awesome man cave!


  3. PS Megan - If you're interested, I'm having a giveaway of some amazing prints for kids rooms. Come by and enter if you want :)

  4. My husband would totally be in heaven if our living room could look like the VA Tech gift shop was occupying our space permanently. Thankfully, we have matured to framed pictures of the football stadium, but definitely not to the level of your room. I love the inspiration!