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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Home Goods Finds

Yesterday I made a quick trip to Home Goods and let me just say it was a 2 cart kind of day. Luckily, I found many of the items I was on the hunt for. Here's some of the happiness I spotted.

Loved this neutral bench with nail head trip. Perfect for an entry way or end of a bed.

This x bench was so rich looking in gray velvet.

I purchased these for our casa. We have been in desperate need for another set and I was holding out to find these.

There were a ton of bright outdoor accessories...

Lily scored a new bed. I didn't know quite how filthy her old one was until I hauled it out. I love that this one has a removable cover.

Ah, chevron. I'm kind of sad I left this at the store. 

I'm heading back today to return a few things that didn't work out for a client and see what else they got in overnight. I'm sure more goodness awaits. Maybe the throw is still there?!

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  1. Score! Is it bad that I go there at least twice a week in case they 'got in something new'? Yeah, probably is. Love what you found. And I think you totally should get that throw. If its still there it was ment to be. :)

  2. Love me some Home Goods! That bench is awesome and Lilly seems to like her new bed!