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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sorry for the randomness today. Last night I worked late, then had to grab paint for a client's house for today. And, finally got to write this post after the munchkin crashed around 10pm. So, here's what's been going on with me lately.

1. Last weekend was the infamous Tory Borch friends and family sale. By the time we arrived Saturday they were somewhat picked over and the web was out of many items like this handbag that I still have my eye on.

I did however come home with a couple pairs of shoes. 1 Eddie ballett flat to be exact and a neutral Thora sandal. My feet are happy!

They are actually a lot more coral in person.

2. Painting is occurring at a client's home today. After 12 plus samples we have decided on colors. I highly recommend sample containers! Lighting can be very tricky and the color can turn out quite different than the sample.

Antique Jade

Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm thrilled my client is brave and going dark for the powder bath.

Soft Jazz

3. Got this cute little bowl at Anthropologie on Saturday after hitting up Tory. Mom and I did some fun birthday damage in Highland Park Village and enjoyed the beautiful outdoor shopping.

It's perfect for my new pieces!

4. Finalizing nursery plans with my brother and his wife. The crib and dresser were ordered yesterday so they probably won't arrive before Saturday, but we've got super cute accessories to take with us. We found a lamp at Home Goods very similar to this giraffe lamp. Can't wait to show you pics of our progress this weekend after we paint, start hanging wall decor, and get Hunter's abode organized!  

5. Hit up World Market  and finally picked up a pair of these for my back porch.

The colors are so vibrant and fun. They go great with my new Target outdoor accessories I picked up a while back. (You can see them in the background. )

Also saw this guy and couldn't resist.
Will be great for holding snacks at a party or even paper clips for my desk.

So, that's all the fun being had around here folks! Yes, I just said folks. That's the Texan in me.


  1. I can't wait to see that blue in the powder room. It looks amazing!

  2. Love that cute anthro bowl! And bummed I missed the friends and family sale!

  3. It does look like lots of fun! I love those shoes. :)

  4. I have that pig bowl on my desk at work with business cards. I also have the same world market pillows on my porch!