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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pantone's Fall Colors

Pantone announced their fall colors and I couldn't be loving them more. 

Here's how they pair up and translate into interiors:

French Roast and Bright Chartreuse

Honey Gold and Olympian Blue

Pink Flambe' and Titanium

Tangerine Tango and Rhapsody

Ultramarine Green and Rose Smoke

Aren't they just lovely?

Which pairing would you most likely use in your home?


  1. Well I already have some bright chartreuse and french roast in my livingroom so I guess those two colors lol. But I love the honey gold and olympian blue combo!

  2. Love it! The tangerine Tango and Rhapsody are a great combo, too bad I can't get my husband on board with "purple"!

  3. Love the French Roast and Chartreuse...I just have to point out, I love in the Pink Flambe and Titanium there is a dog...just sitting there, hanging out.