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Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Heart Garland

While perusing the dollar section at Target around Christmas time I discovered this pack of hearts and knew they were perfect for a diy project. With a plethora of twine on hand, I  decided to turn simple hearts into festive garland. I chose a hot pink twine for this quick and easy project. 

The steps were simple and it took all of 5 minutes to complete my project. I used an oversized push pin to create the holes in the hearts and help thread the twine through. A needle would have been easier, but I don't sew, therefor I didn't have one. Note to self, buy some needles for future needs! 

My plain chalkboard is now dressed up! 

I threw together this simple vignette with items around my home from last Valentine's Day including a bag of candy hearts. Yep, recycled candy that's a year old! Now you know not to eat them if you visit me! And, at least this is one way to keep my kiddo out of the candy. 



  1. That's so cute! I think I need to do a little decorating. :)

  2. Way to think ahead! Totally missed those and they are perfect! Thanks for shARING at Monday Funday!

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