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Monday, February 18, 2013

Easy DIY Projects

My name is Amanda Kuzak, I am a professional organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area and my blog Kuzak's Closet features my client success stories as well as adventures from my life. I was lucky enough to guest blog here at A Lived in Home back in January and I'm so happy to be back today with a little organizing DIY tutorial for all of you! Many of my clients and blog readers struggle with creating enough room to store all of their shoes in a way that keeps them organized and visible. Instead of having a pile up on the bottom of your closet or tubs to search through try my trick of storing them in clear shoe boxes with photos attached. I love how easily the bins stack up and no matter what you can SEE what is inside! Here is how you do it...
  1.) Take photos of your shoes, I like to position the shoes like this so you can see the front and the side of the shoe. Use the same position for each pair of shoes and the same background so the photos look uniform after they are placed on the clear boxes.
2.) Upload your photos and print them into 3x5 prints. Tip! It is difficult to find a company that prints 3x5 anymore, I uploaded mine and ordered them in 4x6 size and then called the photo shop so they would know to adjust the prints to 3x5.
3.) Place all of the shoes in the clear shoe boxes, then match up the photos to the shoes in the box.
4.) Place the photo on the inside front of the box and adhere it with 2 pieces of tape. I always recommend putting the photo on the inside so it stays protected and the sides don't roll up.
5.) Stack the boxes on the shelf and admire your collection!
If you are reading this post and still wondering what the big deal is here is a photo of the shoes in their boxes without the photos...
and After...
Obviously now you can see how much of a difference the photos make! If you are looking for extra shoe storage give this trick a try! Here are a few more of my favorite DIY projects, I hope you will be inspired to try something new!
Thank you Megan for having me guest blog twice while you were on vacation! I hope your readers are inspired to get organized and start some creative DIY projects after this post!

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