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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Frances, My Fiddle

Introducing my new lover Fiddle Leaf Fig! 

Thanks to a tweet from Mrs.Sugarplum yesterday, I now have a 6ft tall, drool worthy, real living plant in my dining room! She gave me the heads up that a local store of ours had 4 of these beauties just waiting for me to snag one! Now, lets just hope I don't kill it! 

On the way home with our great find, my sweet, hilarious daughter wanted to name our new jewel Swiper because of her obsession with Dora the Explorer. She also thinks our next born will be named Swiper too! We will let her think what she wants even though mommy changed the name! 

And speaking of on the way home, we will keep things real today and you can see how you transport a 6 ft, delicate plant home!

Yes, you squish yourself into the back of a small suv as the soil and water from the plant spill out everywhere. Thankfully I had a spare shopping bag to lessen the spillage. It was a less than comfortable ride home I might add, but totally worth it! 

Tomorrow, I'll show you the rest of my "complete for now" dining room! The Fiddle Leaf was the last missing piece! I'm over the moon about this space, so come back and see!

1 comment:

  1. Love the tree!!!! and I laughed out loud at "swiper" .... my daughter loves "swiper no swiping"!!!!!