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Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Weekend


My bestie is headed into town today. A and I are so excited for her visit. In fact, A has been running around screaming her name. It's so cute that she remembers her. Lots of girl time planned!

Going to check out old Navy to find this jersey knit. It looks so comfy that I can't resist.

We might go relive our high school days and see Titanic, but in 3D this go around. Maybe we will sneak in our own popcorn and soda again?!

Gotta swing by the paint store at some point and pick up samples for a client's bathroom. 

So, off we go...


Any exciting plans?


  1. Would prefer the shopping trip but sadly I'm painting my bathroom. Having had loads of arguments we have selected colours now all that's left is to paint yuck. I love it when its done but hate the process. I'm sure despite assurances of low odour all paint smells fowl.

    Enjoy your weekend and your friends visit.

  2. I'm dying to see Titanic in 3D!! Have fun with your friend!