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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Table and Problems

Well, I purchased our new kitchen table and it's an epic fail! Thankfully, it was this inexpensive table.

 I had big plans in my mind, but it just didn't work out so well. The table for one is too small for our space. Also, it's very difficult to scoot the chairs under the table because of the narrow opening on the ends. What's pretty funny is that one friend came over and said it looked like a craft table and another called it a kiddie table. That did it for me. So, now on to plan B. 

I had purchased 2 of these chairs which are staying.

I'm on the hunt for 2 more chairs in a different style. Possibly these:

or these:

I'm still undecided and even wavering on color of the next 2 chairs. Now, you're wondering about the table I'm sure. We are keeping the old one that is sitting in the garage and I'm sawing off the legs. Well, correction, a friend of mine is sawing them off. We didn't like the bar height so I'm changing that with shorter legs. I wasn't crazy about the fact that it's so dark either, so I'm lightening the space with the chairs. 

All in all, things are actually working out just fine. I'm moving the new desk up to my office because my current desk is cramped. I might have even learned a small lesson to listen to my hubby sometimes. He really doubted the new table and I told him not to worry that it would look great with 4 new chairs. WRONG! I'll let him be right this time. 

Are there any projects you have attempted lately and failed at or even changed your plan mid way?


  1. Yes, especially when buying things online - the scale of an item can be so deceiving! I think the table will make a great desk and it's always nice when our mistakes aren't expensive ones :)

  2. My mistake was buying dining room endtable chairs that were gorgeous and a great color, but the backs were too short. The backs of my side chairs ended up being taller and the whole thing looked goofy. I later sold those 2 end chairs and bought the white linen ones you have on your post today. Scale makes all the difference in the world! I like the chairs with the nailhead trim for you, they would complement your existing chairs beautifully!

  3. Which is more annoying getting it wrong or hubby being right??? I had a similar scenario. We were looking to by a rug for the lounge and I had seen this really lush rug which I was sooo keen on but my hubby said it was too big. Well I got all huffy and we went home without it and boy was I angry. However, not as annoyed as, when on getting home he went straight to the cupboard and got out a tape measure, and he was right.....it was too big. He was thrilled not only was he right but he didn't have to spend a fortune(his description not mine) on a rug he wasn't sure he even liked.

  4. I hate it when the hubs is right! No worries. I once bought a sofa for our basement without measuring to make sure it would fit down the stairs. Needless to say, it didn't. And it wasn't returnable. Thank god for Craigslist!

  5. I had two big fails in a row. First, I ordered a reclaimed wood dining table from Home Decorators. It looks great in the catalog, but was all splintery when it arrived, and one of the iron legs was bent. Mind you, we drove 5 hours to the nearest store to get it, then 5 hours back home, before unpacking it and realizing. Ugh. Back it went, and luckily HDC paid for the return shipping! Second, I purchased an upholstered bed online. Was sooo excited about it, but it turned out that the headboard was way too low, that when you prop your pillows up, they cover the headboard. Wah-wah. Sold it on Craigslist for a loss, which was cheaper than paying return shipping. Needless to say, The Mr. was very wary of any online furniture-related purchases after that! The good news? I NOW have a reclaimed wood dining table from Restoration Hardware that I LOVE and an upholstered bed (with tall headboard) that I LOVE. It just took a while!