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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Office Envy

Yesterday I told you that my new kitchen table attempt was a failure, but I got a new office desk in the process. Here she is in all her beauty.

Ok, well maybe that's not my office, but it is the same IKEA table I purchased. Wishful thinking I know! Too bad it's not my office with the lovely green ottoman, brass lamps, antique dresser freshly painted white and gold branch wall art goodness!
All I'm saying, is that my table has great potential! First things first, I need to move the table up to my office. That would be a great start. Meanwhile, I'm going to crush on more office pics that I'm envious of.

You can find these and other inspiring offices by following me on Pinterest.


  1. Oh! Now I have some serious office envy. What beautiful spaces!

  2. Its actually my desk and I love it! I've had it for about a month in there. I got the longest table. You should try it out! What pretty office inspiration.

  3. we wait with bated breath to see what your own office will look like.
    My office is too small its got so much stuff in it plus it has to be shared with my work at home most days hubby. He has a tendency to cram stuff in and leave papers everywhere. I am angling for my sons room as now hes graduated from University he'll be looking for a place of his own. Just has to find a job. H did get one but after 6mths was made redundant pooey. I have told him when he moved out his room becomes my craft room and office space. Might be sometime yet though.

  4. That light blue laquer number - totally hot. Makes me want to work on an office!

  5. Someday I'll have an office like this!

  6. how do you like the table as a desk? i have been looking at it. also, is it all one piece or would it be possible to paint the legs but not the table top?