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Thursday, January 31, 2013

As of Lately....

Here's a view of what I've been up to lately through the eyes of Instagram! 

It seems like I was gone on vacation forever! We left 2 weeks ago and started the adventure in Nashville for my cousin's wedding. My niece went along to help with Ava and we all had fun shopping, sight seeing, hitting local hot spots, hanging with family, and taking in the Nashville vibe! Stopping by The Bluebird Cafe was a must since we are both huge fans of the show "NASHVILLE." 
The only thing I was disappointed by was that we didn't see any country music stars! I really could of used a Luke Bryan sighting! 

After Nashville we jetted off on a brutal 6 am flight to Nevis in the French West Indies. Once there, and after 6 hours of plane sleeping, it was worth it! The island was so lush and tropical! A vacay to a warm climate was much needed.

I have many more pictures I will share with you soon of the beautiful island and some of our crazy adventures! 

And, if you want to follow me on Instagram, here I am! Come along and see what I'm up to!

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