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Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Holiday Deals and Steals

One of my favorite days of the year is December 26th! As if I haven't done enough shopping up until Christmas, I feel the need to run out as soon as the holiday passes and blow all the gift money I've received. This year was no exception although I might add I still retain a few gift cards! My impulses did not get the most of me! I'm honestly just waiting for the next Tory Burch sale!
Here are a few of the deals I scored this year! I had my eye on all of these items before the holidays!

I had seen this gold bow belt on another blog before the holidays but didn't get around to the store to look for one. You can only imagine how surprised and dismayed I was that there were any left. I scored the last small! 

As much as I'm loving mint right now, I was pumped to see these pants at J Crew outlet for $24! They had an additional 20% off the day I was there which turned deals into steals!

The Marc Jacobs pouch from Target. Scored this baby for $20 after it went on clearance. I guess it is safe to say that the Neiman Marcus collection was an epic fail!

Can never go wrong with a few gold, gliterry candles for next holiday season! I found these at Crate and Barrel along with some gold and silver snowflake plates.

All in all my shopping adventure was productive and I didn't break the bank!!

Did you score any great deals shopping after Christmas? I'd love to hear about what you found! 

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