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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gray or Nay?

I'm pretty much obsessed with gray. Or is it grey? This is new shocking news to you I'm sure! My kitchen finally got painted gray after I started the project, stopped, took a 3 month break from painting, and then hired my fabulous and efficient painter to finish the job! Alas, it's done and fabulous with it's new paint color!
While we're on the topic of gray, how about we discuss cabinets. I'm a total white cabinet kind of girl, but I've really taken to gray cabinetry lately. I'm thinking my dream home would have white uppers and gray lower cabinets as well as a gray island. Look how lovely this trend is!

The white subway tile also makes me drool along with the brass cabinet pulls!
This kitchen is so fresh with the Fieldstone Gray cabinets and tons of natural light.
The pops of magenta against the marble backsplash makes my heart melt!
Would you go for this look when designing a kitchen? I think it's fresh and timeless!


  1. I painted ( my last home ) my cupboards white on top and charcoal grey on the bottom - and absolutely loved it!
    I think it's timeless - gorgeous photos!

  2. Great inspiration pictures! I'm really loving the white uppers/gray lowers so much. We're currently totally obsessing over the color gray here, too.


  3. I love it! That first picture is pretty much my dream kitchen.

  4. I have white uppers, gray lowers and brass hardware in my kitchen so my answer is, YES! Lol. Love this look and I have loved gray for about 20 years. It's just so classic. Love the inspiration pics!

  5. Over here it is grey! I love the idea of grey cupboards, the first kitchen is definitely my favourite. There is something so elegant about grey I think and I am a big fan of it too. Most of my ground floor is tiled in grey and I have shades of it on quite a few walls.

  6. I want to see your newly painted kitchen.

  7. We have bright white cabinets, but by the time we sell, they will be in need of a paint job. I've been thinking light gray would be a good choice. Our house doesn't get a lot of natural light, so a dark gray is out, but light gray will be bright enough and should still be pleasing to lots of buyers.

    Love all the examples you chose, but the one I too have been drooling over the most is the blend of first one. So lovely and fresh!