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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gotta Get to West Elm

The newest West Elm catalog arrived in the mail last week so I perused it on a recent car ride. I'm thinking that if they started a check cashing business, then it would be really bad for me, but great for their business. I have a fear that I might be spending a tad bit of money there in the days to come.

When I think of fall, hues of gold, green, and burgundy come to mind. However, those colors don't suit my style. Loving West Elm and their impeccable taste, I knew they would not disappoint with their new arrivals. The turquoises, plums, and neutrals are vibrant, rich, and alluring. I can see all of those shades fitting in my home. The patterns hit it out of the park too. I'm in love with the Plum Painted Swirl duvet. It's organic and the ribbon-like pattern gives it an artsy feel. My guests would probably enjoy it as well.

 Even though it's still summer outside, fall decor can substitute inside. Here are the things that caught my eye and several of them might come home with me soon.

Ironwork Duvet Cover

Hand-Blocked Paisley Pillow

Allegra Hicks Wave Pillow

Painted Swirl Duvet
Raw Edge Ceramics

Beaded Votive Holder

Do you see yourself making a visit to West Elm for any of their new arrivals?

1 comment:

  1. Now I am jealous! Why does my West Elm catalog never makes it? Sadly the closest West Elm is 40 miles away from me. I will have to give them a call.

    By the way I love the votives.