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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Search of... And Exciting News

Oh diddle diddle, the cat and the....

Me likey!! Acctually, love them, but they are so popular that all the nurseries around my home are sold out of these suckers. I also found one on Amazon and guess what, SOLD OUT!
This is only the hottest house plant around. Who knew that there could actually be a trend in house plants, and especially a member of the ficus family. I haven't ever fallen in love with a ficus plant, but things sure have changed. Hopefully I can get my hands on one soon! If you know of where I can get one let me know!

And...the exciting news is that I'm starting a new series on Monday. Yippee! It will be full of amazing bloggers that we all love and whose work we respect. Make sure you come back on Monday to see Rachel from Just a Touch of Gray kick off the new series. I wonder what makeover she will be sharing with us? Hum...


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by youaretalkingtoomuch.com. This tree reminds me of the look of a magnolia.....which i have in my living room. Similar base (trunk)....then larger leaves. May be an idea...although not a new fashion craze : ) Love, Me

  2. I am with you!! I love this tree and it is hard to find a nice looking one. Good Luck!!

  3. You are so cute! Thanks for leaving such a cute comment.. :)