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Friday, August 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent this week sweltering down here in Texas where it's been as hot as 110 degrees! I'm so over this heat and ready for fall!

When it's this hot out, one must stay inside and blog, shop online, or switch things up in the house and start multiple projects.

Of course I decided to start multiple projects and one was redoing the less than stellar guest room before we have friends in town this weekend. The room still needs major help such as a coat of paint, new curtains, and refinished furniture, but some things I just can't snap my fingers and have finished. I wish I did have a magic little fairy that would come overnight and make these things happen. Wouldn't that be awesome? I could even rent her out!

Oh, yes, I also started on the office redo this week. I pretty much needed a bulldozer to get all my husband's crap very important belongings out of the way. I only made a couple changes and already it's a million times better. I'll be sharing before and progress pics next week.

No more projects this weekend because we have friends in town from D.C. We are so excited that Baby A gets to meet her new friend Marissa for the first time. We can't wait to meet Baby Marissa either!

I hope your weekend is spent with good friends!
Make it a good one!

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