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Friday, September 7, 2012

Frugal Find Friday

*Fiddle Leaf Figs*

Hello lover!! I've always found the plant selection at IKEA to be shockingly decent, but now they have surpassed my expectations. Fiddle Leaf Figs now at IKEA people. And wait for it, only $12.99 too! Cha ching!
If you live in the Dallas area you can go ahead and let that breath out though because they are out of stock with no expected availability date! Shocker! Of course they are out since that's the store 10 minutes from me. Guess I'll be stalking another store! A road trip is happening this weekend anyways so I hope they have one waiting for me!
I will also be picking up one of these IKEA beauties for my new Fiddle! The black with gold interior will look stunning in my dining room with gray on the walls! That's a whole different story for a different day too! I'm going grazy!! (insert you laughing)
So, are you ready to make a mad dash to IKEA for a Fiddle Fig?


  1. I was in my Ikea last weekend and didn't see any. Maybe I'll have to make another run in.

  2. I JUST heard about these the other day! I am contemplating making a trip to Ikea now...I'm sure I need something else too? lol :)