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Friday, June 24, 2011



A million thanks to Emily at The Fine House for passing on this award to me. Now, as an award recipient, one rule is that I have to tell you 10 things about myself, then pass on the award to 10 deserving bloggers. Boy, that's hard to pick just 10 because there are so many amazing blogs that I read daily. So first, here goes 10 things about myself....

1. I taught 1st and 2nd grade for 7 years before I decided to be a SAHM to my precious Baby A who turns 1 next week!!

2. I am addicted to TJ Maxx and Home Goods! Duh! Who wouldn't be? It's so bad that I know their shipment schedules and their employees recognize me when I come into the store. I think they should award me as a top shopper with a permanent discount!

3. I once took up golf until my husband and I stopped speaking to one another on the course and started riding in separate carts. Now, my clubs are collecting dust in the attic. Plus, it's just way too hot to play golf in Texas!! Now, he golfs and I blog! Blogging is way cooler on many levels! Also, where we golfed doesn't even look like the pic below or I would have stuck with it. 

4. I LOVE music and singing (in private). If you pull up next to me at the stop light you will look at me and laugh because it will appear that I'm either talking to myself or jamming out. It just plain makes me happy! 

5. I can't stop watching Bravo TV! Housewives, Bethenny, Pregnant in Heels, and many more.... Oh, how I love these!

6. I heart Dr.Pepper even though I know it's bad for me and I should drink water instead. 

7. My favorite food is guacamole. Basically, I could eat mexican food at every meal, but if I did then my butt would be HUGE! 

8.  My closet is full of cardigans!! And I am completely slightly obsessed with J Crew where I have purchased my many stylish cardis. Right now I am on a cardi break though because it's a million degrees here in Dallas and way too hot for them. See you in the fall cardis! 

9. I have the cutest boxer ever! Her name is Lily or AKA Big Sister. She was my Christmas present from Randy 5 years ago, the week before we got engaged. We left her with my parents while we went to New York City for Christmas ( and to get engaged) and I sobbed like a baby when I left her. I felt sure that she thought she was being abandoned again. Poor little Lou and cry baby mom. 

10. I really wish I was on the beach right about now with my toes in the sand......

That's all you get on me. Now on to the 10 very deserving and creative bloggers that I am passing on this award to. Here they are in no particular order. (That's my disclosure)


  1. I'm still rolling on the floor about the golf story...that is the *EXACT* same reason that me and the hubby don't bowl or play *miniature* golf...I'm sick, and I know it (c: And a big ol' resounding YES to DP and cardis...I think I actually go into withdrawal when it gets too hot for cardigans! You are so very sweet to pass this on to me, you made my weekend!!! Enjoy yours!!!

  2. Totally with you on the DP, cardis, guac (and all Mexican food), puppies, the beach, and HomeGoods! And avoiding this Texas heat! :) Thanks for passing the award along to me!