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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Office Fabric

Do you have a space in your home that is just horrific? For me, it is my husband's office. What drives me nuts is that it is the first room you see when you walk in our front door. This space is lacking personality and color. What it's not lacking is junk, trash, papers on the floor, cords, and more junk. If it were completely up to me the space would have been redesigned about  9 months ago, but it's not all up to me. My husband says that it's the only space (besides the garage) that is his space. Geez, doesn't he remember that he has his own closet?! The point being that he's extremely picky and doesn't want me turning it into a feminine space.

The space is at least painted which is a soft creamy yellow. And the curtain rod has been hanging empty for about 6 months. I also recently purchased a sisal rug for under hubby's desk to replace the dingy rug that's there now.

My first goal is to put the new rug down, then purchase fabric to make curtains because the room is very tall and still echoes somewhat. Since hubby works in there and talks to clients often, then he can't have any echoing and must have cute, colorful curtains to absorb the sound.

Uno problemo is that I can not decide on a fabric to save my life because I like them all! That's where you come in to help me. I want your opinions on which one you like best for 2- 120 length panels. That's a lot of fabric! Here they are:

Choice Number 1
Choice Number 2
Choice Number 3

Choice Number 4 (It's navy, not black)
Option Number 5

Thoughts/opinions please. Do you have another one in mind keeping in the same color palette? I really appreciate your comments so I can get on to ordering it already.


  1. I love them all! but I think the stripes look more manly. But the first one is my favorite. And actually I was looking for fabric in that exact color. Can you please share when you can purchase it?

  2. Knowing hubby, I say Number 4!! ;-)

  3. I think #5 is my favorite! Very manly, yet modern and simple. Plus you have to think of curtains as another tapestry in the room, like a rug or accent pillows! Have some fun with them :)