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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cork Board Makeover

Laundry rooms are meant to be decorated too, right?! Mine is at least. It's in the process of a makeover and one aspect of the room is a black cork board that will be a family board. We will use it for birthday and wedding invitations (I actually save them), notes, recipes, Ava's upcoming artwork, and report cards in about...oh, 5 years!

I started to fabulize the board while Ava was sleeping, but she woke up during my perfection session and wanted to help. I'm grateful she wanted to help as that will be appreciated later on, but it turned into an hour long project. It should have taken about 30 minutes. That's just how it goes folks with a little stinker around.

"Mommy, hand me the scissors!"

"I'm almost finished."

Here's the board straight from the shelf at Hobby Lobby. Oh, and yes I bought it 50 % off. Does anyone really buy things at Hobby Lobby when they aren't 50% off. I don't because I've figured out their pattern of rotating the items on sale. If I have to wait a week for something then so be it! I'm a bargain hunter, remember?!

Waverly Cross Section Fabric

I measured the inside of the board to get my dimensions. Then, I turned the fabric over and measured on the back side so I could make marks to let me know where to cut. I used the pattern to guide me as I was cutting so I would have a crooked  straight edge.

After I had my piece of fabric cut out I laid it on top of the cork to make sure it fit. It did, so I applied my spray adhesive in sections directly onto the board and smoothed out the fabric over top. When I started out the fabric was wrinkled and needed ironing, but I was too lazy to do that extra step. Once I pulled the fabric and secured it with adhesive, the wrinkles were gone. When I got to the bottom of my board there was excess fabric because I was able to stretch it as I went to get a nice smooth finish. I did have to go back and cut the excess off before I glued down my last section.

Here's the finished product! It went from DRAB to FAB!


  1. So cute! Love the fabric you used. And your blog is super cute! Thanks for following - I'm following you back :)

  2. A bargain hunter on a mission...and your corkboard certainly is fab!