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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Organization- Part 1

The mommy madness is on!! Let the OCD kick in because our household is getting organized. This all stems from a cute binder I found on one of my recent Target shopping trips and an idea for a Home Management Notebook that I saw on Simple Mom. I had to purchase the binder because A) it matches my newly decorated office B) it looks really good sitting on my desk and C) we need to get organized.

Now, I couldn't let the binder go to waste so I filled it with dividers and named them.

The tabs are labeled:
 Baby A

The project section contains pictures of design boards, or inspirational photos for upcoming projects. For now, the one that's front and center is a wedding design board for my brother's wedding that I'm planning. You didn't know I added wedding planner to my list of jobs these days did you?!

The blog tab is for ideas and inspiration for blog posts. Sometimes my ideas come to me while driving, laying in bed, or shopping, so I have to quickly write them down before my memory fails me! If you have kids then you get the memory part. You get pregnant and then your brain dissolves. It's really weird!

The birthday section contains a perpetual calendar that I downloaded from here and wrote in  all important birthdays. When I say important I don't mean Nate Berkus or George Clooney even though George and I are really tight these days and I would like Nate to be my BFF. I really mean family and friends. Maybe now I can start sending cards to these important people. I'm really bad  awful about that! 

The Baby A section is for anything pertaining to my precious little wee one! 

The notes section is anything that doesn't fit under one of the above mentioned sections. 

The Weekly Agenda
In order to stay organized I decided I needed a weekly agenda so I could set goals for the week, put them in order of importance, and mark them off as I complete them. There's something about taking a colored pen and marking through something that's completed. It makes me tingle inside.

In addition, why not eliminate a separate grocery list and weekly menu and just combine it with our goals. Too many lists = chaos and clutter! I also needed space to list my weekly blog posts, and notes about who I need to contact. Here's the completed agenda I made to meet our family's busy needs. 

The categories are:
Top 3 Goals
Weekly Goals
Go Buy
To Call/Email
Blog Ideas

Now, our Home Management Notebook is complete and we start utilizing it today! We shall see how it goes. Like with anything else, I'm sure it will have flaws and need some tweaking along the way. 

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1 comment:

  1. What a great idea...it inspires me to organize my chores that I have written on paper everywhere around the house...lol
    going get them organized.