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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Items I Adore

For all of the moms out there, you will find this next statement to be very true. While pregnant (and before) I heard over and over again, "You have no idea how expensive kids are." That is an understatement!!

The baby market is thriving thanks to all of us sucker moms and dads (my husband) that purchase everything in sight because we think our kids can't live without these things. Or, we say to ourselves, " She/he would look so adorable in that!" We are all suckers!

 I, for one will admit to being a sucker, and anyone that walks into Baby A's room and looks into her closet will agree. She has more bows and flowers than Carter's got pills! She probably has enough clothes and shoes to outfit 5 babies. She does look pretty stinkin' cute though in all her outfits! We have a ton of pics to prove it!

Now, the shoes are Randy's department. Every time I leave Baby A with Randy he takes her shopping at Nordstrom and comes home with multiple pairs of shoes. My child doesn't even like to wear shoes in the first place. She unvelcros them and throws them on the ground. Plus, whomever invented velcro is not smarter than a 5th grader! I think super glue could do the trick instead??

While we are on the subject of the thriving baby and kids market I have decided to make a compilation of things I adore. Hopefully you will covet some of the items as well and find them useful.

Here's the rundown:

1. Custom Waterproof name labels from Baby Fables on Etsy. Great for bottles, sippy cups, toys, etc. 

2. Sabrina Paisley Liners and white baskets from Pottery Barn Kids. These are great for toys, books, etc.

3. Nursery Critters Bath Wraps from Pottery Barn Kids. Works great to keep baby bundled up while drying them off after bath time. 

4. Baby Beach Wraps from Pottery Barn Kids

5. Tory Burch Straw Beach Tote ( This is a splurge I know) It makes a great baby bag and isn't juvenile.

6. Sweet Bella Baby on Etsy- Crochet Hats, Bows, and Flower Headbands

7. Customized pillows from Olliegraphic

8. Kids Picnic Table and Umbrella from World Market. Kids would go crazy over this at a backyard event!

9. Toy Sitter from TutimNYC or they can be found on Amazon. No more picking up toys off the ground.

10.Olliegraphic Customized Melamine Plate/Bowl Sets

11.Infant TOMS from Nordstrom. They come in fancy pink and purple glitter. Baby A loves her purple ones!

12. Mustela Hair and Body Wash. This can be found at boutiques and big box baby stores like Buy Buy Baby. This product doesn't leave baby's hair greasy.

13. Mustela Sunblock SPF 50. Also can be found at boutiques and big box baby stores like Buy Buy Baby.

14. Aqua Baby Bath Ring. This has made bath time so much easier for myself and more fun for Baby A.

15. Gifted Sistas Personalized Burp Cloths, Blankets, Bibs, Buckets, and a whole lot more!

16. Girls Reese Round Lounger from Pottery Barn Kids. It's on sale for only $29.99. Of course Baby A has one! We bought the green with pink fabric and it is just as cute in person as in the pic!

Whew! That completes the list! It could have gone on forever because there are a million baby items I adore. The list was limited to my faves and I didn't even begin to add furniture or gear. Most of the items are reasonably priced (ok, except for Tory) and practical! What baby/toddler items do you covet?

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